PT. Bima Jaya Agung

SOFIE II Slow Submerged Turbine

Solution For Basin Aeration 

SOFIE II is a slow speed submerged aerator with vertical axis . combine with perform maximum mixing aeration 


  • Installed at the bottom of the pool 
  • Operate in mixing nor ventilation mode
  • Ready to use turbine with low maintenance cost
  • Alternative for Fine bubble aerator


  • Designed and manufactured in Europe
  • Reduce energy cost and improve more efficiency
  • Gear and Motor are easy to maintain
  • Maintain without clearing the site
  • Suitable for deep pools
  • Alternative for fine bubble diffuser
  • IP68 motors are available for IE1 until IE3
  • Silent


SOFIE II is made up of this elements :

  • Stainless steel rotor blade in a vacuum casing 
  • Casing connected by flexible pipe to pressurize air inside
  • Materials are determined by the performance of the item
  • Polyester blades is possible to use